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From Siwa with love ...

Here begins our love story

an encounter with taste and passions for the table ...

We had to finish here to understand that there was still so much to discover.

It was necessary to go back to our ancestral origins to understand who we really are and how much more  we can give to others.

But only now have we realized what really matters to us and that is to want to transmit a message of love and hope and remember that there is still good in this world.

Still believing in the good will give us that energy that will allow us to realize our dreams.

This is the secret of our success, now it's up to you ...

Gourmet line

by Italian gourmet masters


We are an Egyptian company, with Italian proposals developed in Egypt to address the global market.


Our vision is the creation of a series of innovative food products in the world of food that leave their mark over time.


 - Create a widespread sales network to spread the product.

- Select distributors for the various countries in which we will decide to penetrate.

- Relate directly with consumers by making their wishes come true.

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