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Italian Ready Meals

This is a product line that will be developed and available in the coming months.

They will not be real meals, as there are already on the market.

Rather, they are snacks to be eaten when we get hungry between meals, when we are with friends at the bar or when we are traveling on the motorway. To always keep ready in the fridge just in case.

Penne with fresh tomato 2 (rect.).PNG

Initially our line will be produced in five recipes:

  • spicy fresh tomato spaghetti

  • mushroom penne,

  • curry rice with chicken

  • baked eggplant

  • vegetable pie

Subsequently, new recipes will be introduced to satisfy the tastes of many.

A special internationally usable brand will be created for our line of mini-meals which will characterize the product, being it innovative.

It will be a short, harmonious name, easily memorable and identifiable with the product. It will be a registered trademark to protect the guarantee of our quality.

If you are interested in purchasing or distributing these products please contact us.

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