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No. 7  Pallet with  N. 16.128 SIWAX Taste Enhancer Dispenser  assorted in 4 Italian recipes.,  packaged  in display boxes each containing 48 pieces with 90  g of product.

Set 7 Pallet Siwax 90 g

€24,192.00 Regular Price
€14,515.20Sale Price
  • By joining our launch campaign you will acquire the right to have a 40% discount on the list price for exporters, calculated on the fifth container purchased within the same month. 

    Example: if you bought 4 containers on September 20 and ordered another two, the fifth container will be discounted by 40% while the sixth will be billed at the normal selling price.  And so it will be until 31/12/2022, except for extensions to be agreed according to the business trend. 


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