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Flavors of Italy

Fruit available in this period

The idea is to let the world know the exceptional products that each region in Italy has,  the result of experiences handed down from generation to generation. 

The quality of Italian food is known all over the world, but many small, but large  specialties that exist at a regional level are often not even known by many Italians. Here, we want to start making even these small samples of ancient flavors known and appreciated.

Row of red grapes.jpeg
Bunch of red grapes.jpeg
Bunch of white grapes on the plant.jpeg
All products can be packaged according to customer's requests
Loose black grapes.jpg
Red grapes in transparent plastic bags.jpeg
Black grapes in trays.jpg
Black grapes bagged.jpg
Red grapes in rigid packaging and cardboard crate.jpeg


Melons in black plastic baskets.jpeg
Melons in blue plastic basket.jpeg
two watermelons in cardboard crate.jpeg
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