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The Food Exprit project

the simplest thing available on the island. The famous salt of Fuerteventura. The froth salt. Inventing how to do a big business with salt was a challenge that the two friends gladly took on. Thus begins the story.The Food Exprit project is an idea born of two friends who met in Fuerteventura to discuss how to create something new together after their respective experiences in Italy. Adriano, the chef who wisely combines aromas with the right dish and Giovanni the entrepreneur with experience in starting a business from scratch, thought of

They began by using the peels of the fruit that they used abundantly in their diet, drying them in household machines to then mix them with the salt that they bought directly from the salt pan of Puerto del Rosario. Adriano spent sleepless nights in his kitchen dissatisfied with the first results obtained, but thanks to his tenacity he managed to improve the quality by obtaining salt with mandarin first, then with orange.

But would this new product have a market? All that remained was to try. They made packs in bags and began to distribute in homage to various restaurateurs of the island, very numerous at that time. Their responses were encouraging. Enough to go from the home laboratory to a real production laboratory. Adriano became more and more enthusiastic and continued to try and try again formulas while the product had come to life packaged in glass jars and first sold in the various local markets of handicraft products obtaining a deserved success.

But their ambition went further, they wanted to conquer the important markets starting from the Italy they knew well. They aimed at large retailers, but to enter they had to use an already introduced distributor. It was found and they started selling in Italy too.

But in the meantime other ideas were developing in the small laboratory. The two friends spent a lot of time fantasizing about future developments. Like, for example, being able to use the leftover fruit because to produce the flavored salt we only needed the peel. Thus was born the idea of ​​recovering this "waste" to create another interesting product. Fruit caviar.

But they didn't stop there. The small laboratory in addition to producing flavored salt produced ideas. Like bath salts and fruit exfoliants, but new things were also experimented with which, for reasons I hope you understand, I cannot now reveal.

The two friends realized that we were no longer just making salt, but a great idea. Innovation. The search for perfection and unexplored and untapped spaces in search of taste in food.

This is all that the Food Exprit project represents. It includes their way of seeing the future. The creation of a new reality in charge of making all this happen. A reality that will have to make its way in an increasingly competitive world, but creating its own market segment that is currently under-exploited. Of course, they will be copied, as always happens with winning ideas, but they will have the ambition of being the first and they will always be the originals.

But what are they doing now in Egypt?

You will find the answer to this question in the next post. But I think you understand by now.

Follow me, I have some good ones to tell.

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